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We are the family of the beloved Lukas Kusters, also known as the "Dutch Destroyer". Our Lukas was diagnosed in 2016 with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. After a courageous battle, Lukas tragically passed away in June of 2017. Lukas was a talented, passionate football player, and a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Due to an outpouring of love and support, we have created this site as an avenue for purchasing "Dutch Destroyer" bracelets. We hope to add additional products in the near future. All proceeds or donations will be allocated to non profit organizations that Lukas loved, those that support other families facing the same nightmare that we have, and those that are fighting the battle against childhood cancer. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

**Due to the overwhelming amount of support we have been blessed with, we ask for and appreciate your patience as we work around the clock to fulfill all orders. Thank you!



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